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From Writer to Published Author in 8 Weeks 

Dreaming of the day you'll see your book in your favorite bookstore, or racing up the sales charts? This course is your roadmap to getting published. 

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Why you should take this course 

Your story is important to you (and you just can’t shake the idea of getting it published!) but you need someone to demystify the publishing process and explain the various avenues of how to get your book in other people’s hands.

From scoring a six figure book deal to self-publishing like a pro, this course will give you the tools to take control of your publishing journey.   

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Published for Writers of All Kinds  

We'll evaluate the pros and cons of the traditional route to getting published and self-publishing, then we'll debunk the myths and build a personalized step-by-step guide for getting your work out in the world.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting Published

  • 8 weeks of online, asynchronous instruction
  • Live office hours to connect directly with Paul Bradley Carr
  • Active learning, not passive watching
  • Support, accountability, and a network of authors, publishers, and writers 
  • Tactics, workshops, and examples to help you decide how to publish your work
  • Free annual membership to the ChairmanMe community

Open Book

$95 / month

for 10 months

  • 2-3 hours per week
  • Mobile app makes content easy to listen to or watch on-the- go (vacation-friendly!)
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Go From Writer to Author ✍️🔜📚

Move from having imposter syndrome to having a plan. You’ll feel confident and certain like you have an unfair advantage because you actually understand the playbook. You’ll be ready to pitch to agents or pursue self-publishing. 

Meet Paul Bradley Carr 

The author of more than a dozen books, Paul is best known for his three memoirs, The Upgrade, Bringing Nothing To The Party, and Sober Is My New Drunk. His first novel, 1414º, will be published in October. 

Throughout his career, he has written books for two of the "Big Five" publishers and several independent publishers own both sides of the Atlantic. He has also self-published two books and co-founded the publishing house, The Friday Project (acquired by Harper Collins) and multimedia publishing company, NSFWCORP. 

When not writing and publishing books, Paul was media and technology columnist for the Guardian, editor of Pando, and a senior editor at TechCrunch.

In 8 Weeks You Will Have:

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"Every writer should be so lucky to have an editor like Paul Bradley Carr"

- Mark Ames, author of The Exile

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"America's next top media mogul" 


"Uproarious and brilliant."


"Carr has made a reputation as one of the feistiest writers on the beat." 

The Guardian

"Amazing and worth 10x more than the cost! It totally kicked my ass and gave me an actionable, strategic structure" 

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"The community is equivalent to the group text that you hit up when you need a boost.”

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