Speak Out Without Blowing Up Your Career

You are not powerless in the workplace when you witness or are a victim of injustice. We've brought together a group of whistleblowers in the business world who will share how they made real and lasting change so that YOU can effect change in your workplace.

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Why you should take this course 

You know what it's like to feel powerless at work. You witness a microagression, experience harassment, hear that your male counterpart makes more money than you, or worse. But you don't know if taking action will change anything, and you don't know what action to take. 

This course is taught by a squad of famous whistleblowers, as well as HR and legal professionals, who will share when to make a stand and how to do it with minimal blowback. That way, you'll feel empowered to speak up in your workplace (and in every workplace in your future) when you inevitably witness wrongdoing. 

Learn from the whistleblowers and experts making headlines and effecting change 

Susan Fowler: A writer and software engineer known for her role in influencing institutional changes in how Uber and Silicon Valley companies treat sexual harassment. 

Ann Lai: A former employee at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm who filed a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against her employer.

Veena Dubal: A researcher who studies the intersection of law and social change at work. 

Minda Harts: A CEO and bestselling author renowned for her voice on lifting women of color up so they can get a seat at the table.

Kim Scott: A bestselling author whose work helps leaders and employees recognize, attack, and eliminate workplace injustice―and transform careers and organizations in the process.

Katie Carlin, Esq.: A California attorney whose feminist legal practice is dedicated to reducing maternity attrition from the tech workforce and eliminating gender-based wealth disparities.

What you'll get in our bootcamp for whistleblowers: 

  • Hear from some of the most influential whistleblowers in the business world about how they made real and lasting change
  • Learn from HR and legal professionals on when and how to make a stand, and how to do it with minimal blowback
  • 6 weeks of online, asynchronous instruction
  • Live office hours to connect directly with  Sarah Lacy and guest speakers like Kim Scott on Fridays at 11am PT
  • Active learning, not passive watching
  • Support, accountability, and a network of fellow participants making their mark in the workplace
  • Free annual membership to the Chairman Mom community

Speak Out


Course starts November 1, 2021

  • 2-3 hours per week
  • Access the content on mobile or desktop 
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Injustice in the workplace after #MeToo 

The #MeToo movement showed us that not speaking out is no longer an option. 

This course is a safe space to stop normalizing the toxic workplaces you've experienced and teach you how and when to push for something better. 

Meet your course MC 

During her 20-year career as an investigative journalist, Sarah experienced discrimination, harassment, and threats against her family for revealing the ugly underbelly of Silicon Valley.

Sarah Lacy is the Founder of Chairman Mom, a 20-year award winning investigative journalist, author, serial entrepreneur, and a divorced mother to two phenomenal kids. Lacy’s previous startup, Pando, was renowned for calling out bro culture in Silicon Valley years before the rest of the media did. Her most recent book is A Uterus Is A Feature Not A Bug: The Working Woman’s Guide to Overthrowing the Patriarchy (Harper Business; 2017).

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"Sarah Lacy, after all, has cultivated a reputation in industry circles as a no-holds-barred truth teller, and in the ultra-monied, back-scratching world of Silicon Valley, the truth can sometimes bite." 

- Marie Claire

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"I've known Lacy for years, and know from experience that she pulls no punches" 

 -Rachel Sklar

"The unexpected gift of the course was the instant community."

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"Chairman Mom courses are life-changing and so transformative."

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"Amazing and worth 10x more than the cost! It totally kicked my ass and gave me an actionable, strategic structure to marketing and launch." 

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What's Chairman Mom?

Chairman Mom is a welcoming, inclusive learning community. Accessible to all, we particularly center the experiences of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ people. Chairman Mom empowers members of our community to radically improve their lives, both personally and professionally. Collectively, we seek to take down the patriarchy. 

Founded by Sarah Lacy, a mother of two, serial entrepreneur, and former investigative journalist.