Women's Work: The Magic of the Hearth

There is a rich history of feminine folk wisdom throughout human history, and we believe that connecting with the heart, home, and hearth can be deeply grounding. Tapping into that women’s wisdom can even be magical.

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Why you should take this course 

Does the term “homemaker” make you cringe? That’s because the patriarchy taught us that’s all that women should be, and second wave feminism told us that we should be so much more than that. 

But what if there’s a part of you -- or a lot of you -- that feels deeply connected to homemaking, or wants to feel more connected with it? If you feel that pull, we think it’s time to reclaim homemaking for YOU (and not for your kids and definitely not for your spouse).

Women's work is the intersection of women’s spiritual, intellectual, and practical work – in the home, hearth, family, community, and in activism. And that's deeply empowering. 

Learn from scholar Catherine Connors about the feminine art, science, and magic of homecraft and hearth-building.

Week 1: The radical history of feminine folk wisdom 

Week 2: Cycles & seasons: Why moon cycles matter in women's history and the social and cultural history of our world

Week 3: Growing & gathering: Plants and potions and their connection to the earth 

Week 4: Making & magic: The radical act of crafting 

Week 5: Rituals & celebrations: Why ritual? 

What you'll get in our coven: 

  • Learn from healers, foragers, astrologers, and scholars 
  • Work with your hands to create a broom, tinctures, crafts for the holidays, and more 
  • 5 weeks of online, asynchronous instruction
  • Live office hours on Fridays at 10am PT to connect directly with Catherine Connors
  • Active learning, not passive watching
  • Support, accountability, and a network of fellow witches 
  • Free annual membership to the Chairman Mom community

Women's Work

$75 / month

for 8 months
Course starts October 25, 2021

  • 2 hours per week
  • Access the content on mobile or desktop 
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"I think that all women are witches, in the sense that witches are magical beings."

-Yoko Ono

Meet your instructor

A writer and social theory scholar whose academic work looked at storytelling as a force for shifting cultural perspectives on women and girls. 

Catherine was a pioneer in the first big wave of women’s online storytelling, with her award-winning blog Her Bad Mother, (named one of TIME Magazine's 25 Best Blogs in 2012). She went on to become Editor in Chief and Head of Content for The Walt Disney Company’s interactive division, overseeing its entire online portfolio and stewarding a community of leading digital storytellers. She has personally mentored dozens of practicing and aspiring writers, and stewarded the storytelling of showrunners, screenwriters, graphic novelists, memoirists, and scholars. The co-author of the critically acclaimed The Feminine Revolution, Catherine’s upcoming publications and works-in-progress include Citizen Princess: Femininity, Leadership, and the Cultural Politics of Gender, a children’s television script, and a YA novel.

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"Author Catherine Connors share(s) the history behind why values linked to femininity may have been considered "weak," and illustrate(s) why these traits today can be your leadership superpowers."

- Forbes

Join the waitlist for 2022

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