Ready, Set, Write!

6-week online writing course taught by acclaimed writer and former Disney executive Catherine Connors

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“Ready, Set, Write! really freed me to feel that I am a storyteller. That my stories are valuable. I finished a story that has been in me for most of my adult life. Then I had the amazing experience of reading it to the class. The encouragement I got was incredible."

Carol Locke MD

"I took this course because I wanted to revive my blog, and I DID!! I shared my first new post on LinkedIn and got 15k views, 250+ reactions. Totally didn’t expect it, and wouldn’t have happened without this course."

Patti Chan

"I have been using the frameworks in my professional writing as well as my personal writing. The course was a fantastic kick in the ass for me - something really did unlock for me too. Thinking of it all as “the work” - such a helpful shift in my mindset that changed my whole worldview re: my practice."

Melinda Belcher

Intentionally designed to provide the skills, inspiration, and support that every writer needs

  • 6 weeks of online, asynchronous instruction
  • Live office hours to connect directly with Catherine Connors 
  • Exclusive guest speaker series including best-selling authors, journalists, bloggers, and creatives
  • Writing prompts
  • Invaluable support, accountability, and feedback from the community




$60 / month

For 10 months

  • 2-3 hours per week
  • Fully remote
  • Open to anyone interested in writing
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What will you learn?  

  • The strategies the most prolific writers use to overcome writer's block
  • The tools Catherine learned at Disney that helped writers tap into their creativity and find their voice
  • Advice directly from coaches, writing agents, and publishers about how to get their attention
  • Ways to identify the best platform for your writing
  • Support and frameworks to explore and identify your personal writing goals and come up with a plan to accomplish them this year!

Meet Catherine Connors 

A writer and social theory scholar whose academic work looked at storytelling as a force for shifting cultural perspectives on women and girls. Catherine was a pioneer in the first big wave of women’s online storytelling, with her award-winning blog Her Bad Mother, (named one of TIME Magazine's 25 Best Blogs in 2012). She went on to become Editor in Chief and Head of Content for The Walt Disney Company’s interactive division, overseeing its entire online portfolio and stewarding a community of leading digital storytellers. She has personally mentored dozens of practicing and aspiring writers, and stewarded the storytelling of showrunners, screenwriters, graphic novelists, memoirists, and scholars. The co-author of the critically acclaimed The Feminine Revolution, Catherine’s upcoming publications and works-in-progress include Citizen Princess: Femininity, Leadership, and the Cultural Politics of Gender, a children’s television script, and a YA novel. 

What makes you want to write? 

Whether for pleasure, business, as a side hustle, self-awareness, professional development, or insight, you need guidance, support, and accountability.

Ready, Set, Write provides weekly inspiration from successful writers from all disciplines. Writers who write for self-care and healing, writers who write to earn a living, writers who want to escape, writers who want to change the world, best selling authors, poets and screenplay writers!


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